3 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse

Please note this cleanse can be done for 3 to 10 days, depending on your desire and ability.

Morning – drink hot water or ginger tea followed by some gentle yoga, pranayama and/or meditation or other gentle energy and movement exercises.  Perform Abhyanga (self oil massage) and bathe.

Breakfast – can be fresh or cooked fruit or hot cereal such as oatmeal.

Lunch & Dinner – Khichari

Snacks – Please sip hot water or ginger tea throughout the day.  If you feel the need for a snack, you can have some fresh fruit or vegetables or soaked almonds or other raw nuts.

The cleanse should be easy and satisfying.  Be creative with your khichari recipe, so that you feel nourished and well fed.  Please avoid all processed “foods.”  Don’t stress your body or mind.  Allow the cleanse to nourish you deeply, and your cleansing to be calm and peaceful.

Khichari Recipe

1 cup basmati rice
½ cup organic whole mung beans – Whole Foods or Indian Grocery Store
4 cups water
4 Tbs. Ghee (clarified butter, link to recipe or purchase at Whole Foods or Indian Grocery Store.)
1 tsp. black mustard seeds
1 stick of Kombu (seaweed, Wakame can also be used) – Whole Foods
½ tsp. sea salt or Himalayan salt
1 tsp. turmeric
Vegetables of your choice

Preparation:  Wash rice and mung beans and soak for 3 hours or overnight.  Drain.  Wash and chop vegetables.

Cooking:  Heat the ghee on medium in a saucepan.  Add the mustard and cumin seeds and sauté for 1-2 minutes or until the mustard seeds start to pop.  Stir in turmeric, rice and mung beans.  Add the water, Kombu and ginger.  You can add the fresh vegetables (zucchini, leafy greens, carrots, etc.) now, or wait 40-60 minutes, and then add the veggies and cook until tender.  If you need to add more water, do so.  The consistency should be like a thick stew, rather than a brothy soup.  Garnish with fresh cilantro and salt and pepper to taste.  Some avocado with a little salt and lime or lemon makes a nice side dish.  It’s best to make the khichari fresh every day.

 Optional Cleansing Supplies:

For Additional Cleansing:

After the Cleanse:


Good luck with your cleanse – enjoy it!

Remember, it’s OK if you “make a mistake” – even if you only do 70% - you’re doing it!

Always remain calm.  That’s the most important thing.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.