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About Ving Tsun Kung Fu


Ving Tsun Kung Fu (also spelled Wing Chun) is a Chinese martial art system. Although its origins are shrouded in myth and legend, our oral tradition tells us that the Ving Tsun system was developed by a woman named Ng Mui, who was a Buddhist nun, sometime before the American Revolution. She is said to have taught it to a young woman named Yim Ving Tsun, after whom the system is named.

The earliest known historical figures who practiced Ving Tsun were members of a Red Junk Opera Company, who toured by boat performing Chinese Opera. They introduced Ving Tsun to a town in southern China called Fat San, where it was eventually taught to the legendary sifu Yip Man. It was he that was destined to teach Ving Tsun publicly for the first time, and to lead the Ving Tsun system from 1949 until his death in 1972. Today, Ving Tsun is practiced internationally and has become one of the most popular styles of martial art in the world.


The Thinking Person’s Martial Art


Ving Tsun is often referred to as the “Thinking Person’s Martial Art.” The reason for this is simple. Ving Tsun is based on scientific principles and theories. Among these are the principles of economy of movement (which makes Ving Tsun very fast, because it is efficient) and economy of energy (which makes Ving Tsun less dependent upon physical strength). The Ving Tsun system is sensible, practical, interesting and fun to learn.

Our Kung Fu Lineage


Yip Man (seated) & Moy Yat; Moy Yat (seated) & Lee Moy Shan; Lee Moy Shan (seated) & David Robinson



Formal family style portraits (like those above) are the traditional way that Chinese Kung Fu teachers certify their students. Posing for a formal portrait is like saying to the world: “This is my family.”

Our Kung Fu Family

A recent gathering of Moy Yat Kung Fu Family teachers and students (Sifu Robinson is seated on the far left).

Visit www.moyyat.com to learn more about our Kung Fu Family.

Sigong Lee Moy Shan (seated) with his student David Robinson (wearing tie) and grandstudents.

About Our Teacher


Our teacher, David Robinson, is a disciple of Sifu Lee Moy Shan. Lee Moy Shan was a senior disciple of the late Sigong Moy Yat, who was a close disciple of the late Sijo Yip Man. Our teacher began his Ving Tsun training under his Sifu, Lee Moy Shan, in the early 70's, while a student at the Bronx High School of Science in New York City. Lee Moy Shan authorized him to began teaching Ving Tsun in 1977 at Boston University. He was the founder and president of the Boston University Kung Fu club and the Lee Moy Shan Ving Tsun Athletic Association, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has given lectures and demonstrations at the Whole Life Expo, and Boston University. He has also been featured in magazines and on television.


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To Join Us

Ving Tsun practice is suitable for women, men and teens (of High School age and above).

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

For additional information or to arrange a visit, you may phone si-hing Henry Robinson at 862-520-8745

Class Schedule


Monday thru Thursday – 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Saturday – 2:00 to 5:00 pm



A uniform shirt and cotton sole Kung Fu shoes are required.

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