For Beginners ~ Welcome!



New Student Introductory Offers: 1st 3 Drop-ins $30 or 1st Month Unlimited $50

  6:00am All Levels Sunrise Yoga with Lori
  9:30am GENTLE Essential Somatics with Gena
11:00am All Levels Alignment Based Hatha with Anna
  6:15pm BEGINNER/Int Integral Syle Hatha with Milena
  7:45pm All Levels Kundalini Yoga with Scott

  6:30am All Levels Sunrise Yoga with Ari
10:15am All Levels Vinyasa Flow with Lindsey
  11:30am All Levels Iyengar Yoga with Ellen
6:15pm GENTLE Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga with Andre
   7:45pm All Levels SLOW Flow Vinyasa with Francoise


  6:00am All Levels Sunrise Yoga with Becky
  9:30am All Levels Alignment Based Hatha with Anna
11:15am All Levels Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Lea
  7:45pm All Levels GENTLE Yin Yoga with Nicole  

  6:30am All Levels Sunrise Yoga with Krystina
10:15am GENTLE Hatha Yoga with Cynthia
11:30am All Levels​ Iyengar Yoga with Ellen
 7:45pm GENTLE Restorative Yoga with Evelyn 


    6:00am All Levels Sunrise Yoga with Krystina
   11:30am GENTLE Hatha Yoga with Kati
    6:30pm All Levels Vinyasa Flow with Lindsey

      8:00am All Levels Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Trish  
      9:30am All Levels Slow Flow Vinyasa with Andre
      9:30am All Levels Alignment Based Hatha with Emily
    11:15am BEGINNER/Int Integral Style Hatha with Milena
      7:00pm All Levels Kundalini Yog & Meditation with Lea*
     *Community Class ~ $10 suggested donation, all are welcome


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. For example, sweats, gym shorts, cotton t-shirts or clothes designed for yoga practice. If you have long hair, bring a hair tie. It's best NOT to wear jewelry as it might fall off or get in the way during practice.

What should I bring?

A smile!  And you can bring your own yoga mat, although you're welcome to borrow one from the studio. If you'd like to purchase your own mat, we have a few varieties for sale in the boutique. We also have other props and yoga related items for sale.

Is Yoga just stretching?

No. Although yoga incorporates stretching, it is more about using your whole body, rather than just stretching an isolated area. Yoga is challenging and athletic, yet discerning and contemplative. Unlike most exercise systems, yoga is not an automatic or repetitive calisthenic. It is a discipline that increases awareness and control over the interplay between strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. It is a natural stress-reducer with proven benefits. Yoga practice maintains the health of all body systems and encourages a more balanced integration of body, mind and breath.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

No. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga, however, yoga will undoubtedly make you more flexible over time if you are consistent with your practice.

How do I choose the right type of yoga to get started?

Take a few Beginner Hatha yoga classes first in order to learn the basic poses or, even better, try our Yoga 101 or Brand New Beginner series.  Then, if you're trying a new style, make sure to start with a beginner's class even if you're in good shape, so you can learn the core of the practice and avoid injuries. It's best to learn from an experienced teacher in a studio rather than at home with a book, internet or video, as there is no substitute for what you can learn from a real teacher. Let the media be a supplement to your studio practice.  See Drop-in classes appropriate for beginners above.


Stress Relief: Yoga reduces the physical effects of stress on the body by reducing the stress hormone, cortisol.

Pain Relief: Yoga has been demonstrated to ease pain of temporary and chronic conditions. In addition, Somatics is a type of yoga that specifically targets problem areas to release tension in areas such as the back, neck and shoulders.

Increased FlexibilityOver time, yoga practice can increase elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall range of motion.

Increased Strength: Yoga postures (asanas) use more muscles than most other types of physical exercise, so you will be able to work muscles you might not have even known you have!

Improved Breathing: By practicing Pranayama (breathing exercises) you can reduce stress, improve lung function and encourage relaxation. By consciously changing our breathing, we can begin to control our body's response to stress.

Weight Loss: Yoga helps support weight loss, as it works to strengthen and condition the whole body. The practice also helps you have a better self-image, which enables you to make healthier choices.

Cardiovascular Improvements: By practicing yoga, you can lower your resting heart rate, decrease blood pressure and oxygenate your body.

Better Circulation: Yoga can improve circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow throughout the body.

Being More Present: Yoga is a tool that can help connect you to the present moment. Over time, you become more aware of your present surroundings, enabling you to make wiser choices, increase your concentration and see things as they truly are.

Happiness: Just ask anyone who's done it, yoga makes you happier.  Don't believe it? Try it now! Then you'll know for yourself and can tell all your friends. :)


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