Teacher Training


Starting January 2020 Shakti is having 9 month 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training Program!!

Enjoy FREE Yoga Classes at Shakti during your training!

DATES for 2020

39 Wednesdays 6-9pm: EVERY Wednesday evening January 8 through September 30, 2020.

8 Weekends (1 weekend a month): Saturday & Sunday, 1-5pm   January 4/5, February 22/23, March 21/22, April 25/26, May 16/17, June 13/14, July 18/19, August 15/16

here may be some flexibility in these dates, depending on the majority of the group. We also have the option to add a weekend in September, if we need to make-up hours, or want to skip August.

TUITION: $3,200 if paid in full by November 15, 2019. $3,400 if paid in full after November 15, but before the January 4th start date. A Monthly payment plan is available, due on the first class of each month at $400 per month, with an initial payment of $800 due before the January 8th start date (so no final payment in September) for a total of $3,600.
Make a payment!

Anna Winkler will be the primary teacher, with assistance from other Shakti Teachers and perhaps some outside teachers as well for Anatomy & Philosophy. The style you will learn to teach is Alignment Based Classical Hatha Yoga.

Contact Anna if you're interested or have any questions. Looking Forward to it!! Hope you'll join us...

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Additional Faculty

Robert Moses will teach some of the Anatomy & Philosophy segments. He has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 50 years!

Prem Sadasivananda may teach some of the Philosophy segments. He has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 30 years.

We may have one more Anatomy teacher as well.


Additional Shakti Faculty

Andre Witek will introduce some concepts, techniques and practices for understanding therapeutic yoga.

Ellen Kaplan will introduce you to the Iyengar Yoga method, using language, demonstration and props to encourage an awareness of alignemnt in your poses.

Emily Ramos will go over teaching methodologies including use of voice, identifying and understanding your particular learning and teaching style and how to teach to all types of students.

Evelyn Lopez will introduce you to Restorative Yoga and the use of props to support your body, encouraging the nervous system to relax, repair and rebuild.

Gena Rho will introduce you to the concept of release in a session of Hanna Somatics.

Ires Wilbanks will introduce you to teaching Prenatal Yoga.

Milena Rubinstein will introduce you to the classical Hatha Yoga system, Integral Yoga.

Nicole Scott-Harris will introduce you to the practice of Yin Yoga.

Trish O'Gorman will introduce you to the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Program Requirements

To receive your teaching certificate you must attend the entire program of 181 contact hours. You can miss up to 12 hours of this, but anything more than that must be made up in a private session (1 hour private tutoring per 3 hours missed) at a rate of $95/hour. If you miss more than 19 contact hours, you cannot make it up in private sessions and you will not receive a teaching certificate, even though you have paid in full for the training.

You must complete all homework assignments and the final exam.

You must also teach a minimum of two full classes, observe a minimum of two full classes and assist a minimum of two full classes (for a total of 6 classes), as well as participate in giving and receiving feedback to and from your fellow trainers during practice teaching times.


Yoga Alliance Certification

You will need your teaching certificate from Shakti (or any other Yoga Alliance certified school whose training you have completed). 

Go to www.yogaalliance.org and follow the directions there.



"I met Ambaji at the Sivananda TTC at Uttarkashi. I had already been practicing and teaching for a sometime and was looking for a teacher who could advance my personal and teaching practices. Ambaji's clear, detailed and anatomically precise instructions fulfilled me. I thought I had a well developed breath capacity but was introduced to an entirely new diaphragmatic awareness. Her warmth, compassion and ability to spot the mental flaw that holds you back from performing an asana properly is what I seek to give to my students as well. I highly recommend her yoga training course to both the newbie and advanced."  ~ Surabhi Rathod
"Amba,or Anna Winkler,was my asana teacher when I took the Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peeth Teacher Trainning Course in Uttarkashi, north India.I was inspired by Ambaji a lot. She was always full of energy and longing for teaching us everything she knows. She was so experienced, dedicated and kind. It seems every class was not enough time coz Ambaji always wanted to share more knowledge and skills about yoga. Apart from class, she also is our good friend, always took photos of us, to help us keep the best memories of India. I feel so grateful living and learning with Ambaji for one month. I will always remember “chest up” and keep practicing in my entire life. OM!" ~ Jubing Zheng (Chinmayi)
"My yoga teacher training at Shakti was one of the most transforming experiences of my life.  It was so worth the effort and focus it required of me and has served me well as the foundation of my yoga practice in the years since.  The training was varied, covering so many areas beyond the in-depth asanas I expected to learn to become a teacher.  Some examples: anatomy, lovingly offered support for practice teaching (a scary thought for this introverted soul), study of the yoga sutras, chair yoga, use of props, chanting, meditation, pranayama.  There was even one class conducted entirely in the dark and another given over the phone on a snowed-in evening! Anna is a wonderful, talented, genius of a teacher with a strong intuition for what her students need.  Take this training and you will learn not only yoga, but will also gain insights into yourself and into all that yoga has to offer us all in this wacky world we live in." ~ Susan Pendleton

'I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2012 with Anna Winkler. I found it to be one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Learning yogic philosophy and gaining a deeper understanding was life changing for me. I am forever in Anna’s debt. She has boundless knowledge in so many different areas of yoga, and teaches with humility and patience. I highly recommend this training." ~ Jane Guzzi


"I completed Anna's Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and have been grateful ever since. She is extremely kind and patient as well as very knowledgeable in classical yoga texts and teaching asanas. But, what sets her apart from other teachers and their teacher training programs is her ability to know what each student needs, and to focus her teaching to meet that need. Once you understand, you can pass that knowledge on to your students. If you are taking this training to teach classes yourself or just to deepen your own practice, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Anna's YTT." ~ Kim Reynolds


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