ANNA (Amba) WINKLER, DIRECTOR of Shakti Yoga & living arts

Anna has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1989. She was originally certified through the Sivananda Yoga Organization, where she served as a volunteer staff member for over 6 years. Among many other things, she assisted in the Yoga Teacher Training courses and modeled for 2 yoga books during her time there: Yoga, Mind and Body and 101 Essential Tips: Yoga.

Anna has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1997 with Eddie Stern and numerous other authorized teachers, including Pattabhi, Saraswati, Manju and Sharath Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, Tim Miller, and others. She as been teaching Ashtanga since 2002. Anna has been sudying and practicing Iyengar Yoga at Studio Yoga in Madison (and with other Senior Iyengar teaches) since 2007. She received her second 500 hour teaching certificate from Theresa Rowland of Studio Yoga in 2014. 

Anna teaches an Alignment Based Hatha Yoga class. Her Ashtanga classes are also alignment influenced. Anna has been teaching in the Maplewood area since 2001, Sheis the founder and director of Shakti Yoga & living arts since June 2005 (formerly the Yoga Room in Millburn). 

Anna graduated from Nalanda Institute's Contemplative Psychotherapy Program (Compassion Module) in May, 2021. She is currently enrolled in thier Compassion Based Resilience Training (CBRT) Program, which she is looking forward to teaching at Shakti in the near future.

Anna is honored to serve on the Board of Directors and as a teacher at the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing, a retreat center in Cragsmoor, NY (near Ellenville/Pinebush), founded by Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche (her teacher).

Anna's teaching style is both challenging and nurturing.
With a dash of humor, a focus on alignment and sometimes
just going with the flow, her classes will leave you
feeling worked, yet tranquil and energized.


Anna is available for Private Yoga Lessons,  Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultations, Therapeutic Integrated MassageMyofacial Release MassageThai Yoga Bodywork, Thai Abdominal Massage,  and Raindrop Techinque sessions.



Aimee has been a student of yoga for 25 years, teaching for 15. Her deep thirst for learning and growth has led her to study different methods with master teachers and complete a 500 level certification. She began with Ashtanga yoga, studying with Richard Freeman. She developed strength, flexibility and learning about the 8 limbs of yoga. She explored the creativity of Vinyasa Flow with Sharon Gannon, Rodney Yee, and Peter Rizzo. Later she delved into the Anusara method with its loops and spirals of alignment and connection to heart, studying with Amy Ippoliti and Emma Magenta. For the past 5 years she has been immersed in the study of the Iyengar yoga method, for its great clarity, and ability to transform. Her present teachers are Nikki Costello, Nancy Witters, and Amy Hamilton.
Aimee’s teaching is kind and inspiring. Through sequential learning she aspires to guide students toward balanced actions, leading them through their bodies toward their soul, illuminating darkness and creating ease.


Andre took his 200 hour Teacher Training Certification from the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC for beginner, intermediate and extra gentle yoga and has been teaching there since 2000. Some of his wonderful teachers include Kali Morse, Swami Ramananda and Hamsa Spagnola at the Integral Yoga Institute (IYI); and Cheri Clampett and Arturo Perl for therapeutic yoga. 

In the last few years Andre has been inspired by the growing therapeutic yoga field and completed specialized certification training in this area, including restorative yoga. He is currently a certified therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Andre loves teaching and taking group classes and being in the energy of the sangha, the community of practitioners. He aslo enjoys nature, hiking and biking and jazz.


Ari was introduced to yoga in the early 1980’s to better understand breathing and relaxation techniques in preparation for the birth of her daughter. Soon after, she located the only yoga studio in the city of San Diego (before yoga became as popular as we know it) and became immersed in Asana practice. Despite several relocations, including a few stints living overseas, Ari continued to practice while working in luxury management in NYC. While coaching her husband on some stretches and postures to help with his injuries, he suggested that she teach yoga.

Ari completed her teaching certification in 2013. Throughout her yoga journey she has practiced various methods, such as Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara, Shivananda, and most recently, since 2015, has been dedicated to the Ashtanga Yoga method. She has participated in workshops and classes with Tim Miller, Eddie Stern and Kino MacGregor.

Ari is grateful to Anna Winkler for introducing her to Ashtanga. “It’s my fountain of youth,” says Ari.



Bob has over 40 years of
experience in the martial arts,
25 of which have been dedicated
to the study and practice
of Tai Chi & Qigong.

For over 10 years Bob has devoted his time to a
deeper study of the principals and forms of this Art.

In addition to teaching private and group classes,
he has participated in numerous demonstrations and competitions.



Bob had an interest in yoga long before he ever stepped on a yoga mat. But, as we all know, sometimes life gets in the way. By the time he began practicing yoga at the Yoga and Healing Center in Scotch Plains he was already in his early 50’s. But, he immediately knew that yoga was something that he enjoyed and he took whatever classes that were offered and he often took multiple classes in a day.

After a few years at the Yoga and Healing Center Bob found Shakti Yoga, discovering that he really enjoyed the variety of classes offered. He sampled Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar and Hatha yoga classes. When he found out that Anna was offering a Teacher Training course he enthusiastically enrolled. Bob graduated from Shakti’s Teacher Training course in October of 2020 and currently teaches Hatha yoga every third Sunday night and is excited to be taking on the Tuesday morning Sunrise yoga class that he was participating in for so many years.

Besides yoga, Bob is also really interested in pranayama, meditation and chanting. He studies pranayama with Robert Moses and meditation with his Buddhist teacher the Venerable Duhk-Song Sunim. He is enrolled in a daily course chanting the Yoga Sutras with Andrew Hillam.

Bob lives in Clark with his wife Susan and their two cats. He has a son who lives in California. Bob has now entered his 60’s and hopes to continue practicing AND teaching yoga for a long time to come...


Cynthia has been studying yoga for over 20 years. She is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor and a registered member of Yoga Alliance. Cynthia completed a teacher-training program for children with a concentration in babies through 5th grade, children with disabilities, and managing anxiety in children. She is currently working on her 500 hour certification, as well as Yoga Therapy training.

Cynthia has also obtained certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Restorative & Yoga Nidra and Reiki 1 & 2. Her overall approach is focused on creating a safe and accessible environment for all and encouraging a deep awareness of the mind/body connection. Cynthia is also involved with Exhale to Inhale, an organization that provides weekly yoga classes to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Cynthia is honored to introduce tools to folks who are completlely new to yoga, that can bring more health, happiness and ease into thier lives.



Debra’s first yoga class was over 40 years ago. It was Sivananda style. Since that time she has practiced many types of yoga from Hatha to Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini and more. 
After a year traveling in Asia throughout Thailand, China, Bali and Singapore, she was exposed to Buddhist and Taoist philosophies as well as some of the healing practices in Asia. She had acupuncture and Chinese body treatments for the very first time in Northern China with profound results. When she returned to the states eventually ending up in NYC, she found a Qigong and Taoist school in Chinatown. For over 20 years she studied with GrandMaster Lu at the “Tao of Healing.” She has taught, “The Dragon’s Way Qigong®” and “ Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health” at Shakti.
Debra recently completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Shakti Yoga & Living Arts with Anna Winkler! She also just completed a training with Lynne Nicole Smith in Massachusetts who is the creator of, "Qigong Infused Yoga™ ." This is a beautiful integration of both Qigong and Yoga. 
Debra has experienced profound transformations from both Qigong and Yoga. These two ancient practices, one primarily from China and the other from India, have influenced her life in body, mind and spirit. It is integral to her bodywork and wellness practice. Her goal is to share in a simple way the many benefits of both with her students and clients.



Ellen is an Intermediate Junior 1 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and has been practicing Iyengar Yoga since 1998.  This level of certification demands rigorous study of more advanced asanas and human anatomy, including addressing common physical limitations, pranayama (breath work), and yoga philosophy. Through her extensive one-on-one therapy work Ellen is also certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IATY). Ellen's primary teachers are Theresa Rowland and Amy Block-Hamilton of Studio Yoga in Madison. She has also attended countless workshops with many Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers including Patricia Walden, Kofi Busia, Lois Steinberg, Mira Metha, and Stephanie Quirk.

Ellen is passionate about all aspects of yoga: uniting the body, mind and soul to realize eternal peace. Through her teaching, she hopes to guide others on this yogic path. You can feel secure knowing that Ellen is well  qualified to address your specific needs. Her humble and compassionate nature will be sure to warm your heart and soothe your body.


Emily came to her mat ten years ago to add variety to her workout routine and ease the aches and pains caused by a decade of avid running. After leaving her first yoga classes feeling renewed, calm and truly happy, what began as a physical practice soon blossomed into so much more. During her pregnancy (which was an easy, beautiful experience because of Shakti’s prenatal classes), Emily’s commitment to her yoga practice intensified.

Soon after the birth of her daughter in 2010 she decided to take her love of yoga a step further and train to become a yoga teacher. Emily  graduated from ShaktiBody’s 200-hour Teacher Training program and is thrilled to share yoga with her community!  A former NYC school teacher, Emily loves the art of teaching as much as she loves the practice of yoga.

Emily infuses her classes with energy, enthusiasm and humor. She loves sharing how the practice of yoga is also the practice of being kind, courageous, confident, happy and patient.



Gena is an educator, dancer, yogini and certified Essential Somatics Clinical Somatic Educator. She has a private practice in Maplewood and NYC where she see clients privately and teaches Somatic Movement, yoga, workshops and classes as well as training and mentoring teachers. She is an adjunct professor at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.

Gena’s career as a modern dancer included performing and teaching internationally as a member of the Trisha Brown Company. She has an MFA in Dance from NYU TISCH School of the Arts.

Gena feels that Hanna Somatics offers real options for finding freedom to move in spite of chronic tightness. She enjoys bringing the tools of Somatics to the practice of yoga. www.emergesomatics.com



Ires teaches Ashtanga, hatha, pre and post natal and yoga for labor and delivery. She received her certifications from New York's Integral Yoga Institute, where she also has taught. Ires has been a devoted student of Yoga since 2001 and started teaching in 2005. Her prenatal yoga classes are guided by her own childbirth experiences—she attributes the practice to helping her achieve a vaginal birth after caesarean, or VBAC.  She is also a certified birth doula (DONA International) and received her training with Debra Pascali-Bonaro in NYC. Ires has been attending births since 2011.

Ires practices Ashtanga yoga and studies with Anna Winkler and Eddie Stern. She completed Tim Miller's Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga teacher training. Ires has also studied with David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, Kino MacGregor, and members of the Jois family including Sharath and Saraswathi.

Ires is committed to sharing her knowledge of how yoga can help women release fear and have a safe and peaceful childbirth experience.  Her classes draw upon her studies at Integral Yoga as well as the meditative intensity of her Ashtanga practice.



Jacki began taking yoga classes in the 1980's. Over the years she has been influenced by the many teachers she has studied with, including Theresa Rowland, Matt Dreyfus, Amy Hamilton, Kofi Busia, HS Arun, Stephanie Quirk and Abhijata Iyengar.

Jacki graduated from 
Studio Yoga 500 hour teacher training program learning Iyengar yoga from Theresa Rowland. She has been learning there since May 2015.

Jacki loves bringing the peace and joy of yoga yoga to her students.



Kati was introduced to Yoga as a teenager and loved the physical aspects of the discipline. As her practice developed she appreciated the subtler qualities including the spiritual aspects and stress management. She completed her 200 hour certification in 2009 and continued her certifications with Yoga for Scoliosis, Principles of Restorative Yoga and Cancer Survivor Teacher Training. Kati expanded into Ayurveda, Healing Touch, Reiki and Sound Healing.  

All of these modalities have sustained Kati throughout her life and are incorporated in her gentle yoga classes.




Lea has been a student of yoga for many years and graduated from her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Montclair in June 2018. She is currently enrolled in Shakti's 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training program.  Lea is also certified in Reiki Level I and EFT Level I.
After years of practicing Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Lea is excited to be teaching this beautiful yoga of awareness to the students at Shakti.



Linda's first experience with yoga happened to be an Iyengar class in London in the late 90s. Later, now living in the US, she started attending classes at Studio Yoga Madison in 2009 and became a regular Iyengar yoga practitioner. She joined Teacher Training with Theresa Rowland and Amy Hamilton and has received both her Iyengar Yoga Certification, Introductory level I & II and her 500-hour teaching certificate. Linda also gained knowledge of therapy work assisting Theresa for 3 years in her one-on-one sessions. Throughout the years she has studied with many Senior Iyengar Teachers from around the world and most recently taken workshops on the subject of scoliosis with Deborah Wolk in NYC.

Linda has taught yoga since 2015 and has also had the joy of teaching movement and body awareness to developmentally disabled adults for the last two years.

Linda’s teaching style is kind, explorative and grounded in alignment, attempting to give her students a better awareness of their movements, as well as a comprehensive experience that both challenges and nurtures. Her students will learn how to modify safely for various poses that may be challenging to them.



Lori first encountered yoga in a class at the gym in 2001, where she loved it. Yoga gave her a greater sense of flexibility as an athlete, and since that first taste of it, she has taken classes from many teachers in the NY and NJ area. In 2012, Lori became a dedicated practitioner and student of yoga when facing some major life transitions. In September of 2015, Lori received her RYT 200 hour hatha yoga certificate from South Mountain Yoga under the guidance of Emma Magenta. Yoga has been and continues to be a source of solace and refuge for her, and cultivates buoyancy in her breath and body. For over 20 years, Lori has also been a student of Vipassana meditation, having attended meditation retreats at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, and group sittings at the NY Insight Meditation Center, The Rubin Museum, The Tibet House and other places. Lori is grateful to all of her teachers, past, present and future, from whom she continues to learn, grow and be inspired by. For her, yoga is a heartfelt endeavor and she is grateful to share it with her students.
Lori emphasizes an awareness of alignment in her classes, striving to create a sense of spaciousness in one’s breath and body, weaving in a sense of mindfulness and grounding in the present moment, and deepening one’s resilience.

Madalina is a Reiki Master and an Integrative Health Counselor who brings gentle care, compassion and deep attention to her work and her clients. Through her personal healing journey, Madalina learned that lasting transformation happens when we bring awareness to all aspects of our being and fully engage our soul energy. In her work, Madalina’s goal is to help people reawaken their own source of creativity, expanded energy and ultimately their well-being. She uses aromatherapy and crystals to enhance the energy flow during sessions, as well as chakra balancing techniques. Madalina is a former Children’s Book Designer, a long-time student of natural health and an advocate of green living
Since 2016, Madalina has been studying Family Constellations with Suzi Tucker. She is now bringing this modality into her practice.


Milena, a community college teacher of English as a Second Language, became interested in yoga when she took a yoga class in college. Since then, she has had a personal yoga practice. After returning to yoga classes regularly, she decided to get training as a yoga instructor in order to share the benefits of yoga with her college students and fellow workers.  She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in asanas and pranayama from Integral Yoga Institute, NYC. She also has completed a 100-hour certification in gentle and chair yoga from Integral Yoga Institute plus a 15-hour additional chair yoga training from ShaktiBody, a 63-hour training in restorative/ therapeutic yoga taught by Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal at Integral Yoga Institute, NYC, and a 3-day Essential Somatics Hanna Somatic exercise coach training – Level 1.

Milena believes yoga has made her life fuller, more balanced, and peaceful, and that’s what she would like to share with others who decide to explore the beauty of yoga.



Nicole began exploring yoga more than a decade ago in seeking a natural approach for her healing and conditioning for her physical body. She later came to value her practice as a support to cultivating mindfulness, personal mastery, and spiritual development. After 2 years of karma yoga at a local studio, she signed up for a Yin Yoga teaching intensive with Deb Donnally, E-RYT 200 and Crystal Paone, E-RYT 200, completed in March 2016. She then went on to pursue her 200-hour yoga teacher training, completed February 2017 in Negril, JA with Amber Aten, E-RYT 500 and Kelly Thorton, E-RYT 200 (of Prescott, AZ). In 2021 Nicole completed the California College of Ayurveda's certifications in Yoga Nidra & Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions for end-of -life support.
Nicole is also the owner of EcoEmpress Nutrition, Yoga & Wellness, LLC., integrating her passion and professional expertise as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), and environmental advocate. Her professional background includes experience in government, politics, labor, environmental justice, public engagement and public policy. You can learn more about her background and services at: www.ecoempress.co
Nicole is interested in the parallels between nature and human health. She believes that mindfully caring for our bodies and valuing our health is directly linked to caring for our planet and being in harmony with the environment. Follow her at @ecoempress.co



Scott began studying Kundalini yoga in 1999 in NYC with Ravi Singh. His spiritual name is Arjan Singh, signifying the soul of a Teacher, and also Warrior and Artist. He is a music producer, engineer, musician, and artist, binding his yoga teaching with the creative arts to help others access and express their own souls. 

Scott loves practicing with inspiring yoga music of all genres; you may hear Brian Eno, Anoushka Shankar, or live music in his classes, alongside Snatam Kaur and Jai-Jagdeesh. He produced an album of yoga music, “Naad Your Heart,” with a group of musician friends under the name Bhujanga Sangha.

Scott began teaching privately in New Jersey in 2003. In 2015 he received a 200 Hour Kundalini yoga teacher certification from Ravi and Ana Brett at Raven's Wing Yoga in Branford, CT. Scott continues his independent yoga education by being active in Yoga Alliance, Yoga Unify, and EK (Evolving Kundalini).

Combining his work in music and his yoga practice, Scott has recently moved into the field of public art. His sculpture/performance space “An Experience of Monism Based on ‘Within You Without You,’” was named a finalist design for the George Harrison Woodland Walk, launched during 2020 by the city of Liverpool and estate of George Harrison.



It is truer to say Kundalini Yoga found Trish, rather than the other way around. From her first experience in class Trish knew Kundalini was for her. She loved the music, the meditations and the way it worked for every body. It felt like coming home. Trish's spiritual name is Abnashi Kaur, meaning Indestructible Princess and through life's many ups and downs Kundalini has been a stabilizing force for healing, a practice for life. 
In 2004 Trish got certified to teach at Kundalini Yoga East in NYC under the guidance of Sat Jivan Kaur and Sat Jivan Singh and has been teaching ever since.  Trish will be forever grateful to Yogi Bhajan for sharing such an uplifting practice and for the loving support of the Kundalini community.
When not teaching yoga Trish works as a school nurse in a middle school, enjoys time with her three children and can be found hiking and taking photographs with her beloved dog.


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