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NJ Licensed Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Therapist, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, Experienced 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Director of Shakti Yoga


Anna is a Licensed Massage Therapist, practicing since 2014. She has been practicing Thai Massage since 2001, Thai Abdominal Massage since 2015 and Myofacial Release Massage since 2016.

Anna is a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda's first graduating class of 2006. She has been working with Young Living Essential Oils since 2007 and practicing Raindrop Technique since 2008. She is also an Independend Distributor of BEMER (for increased microcirculation).


Anna has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga since 1989. She is a 500 hour experienced yoga teacher, certified through ISYVC, where she was a volunteer staff member for 6 years, as well as with Theresa Rowlands of Studio Yoga in Madison, where she took her next 500 hour training in the Iyengar method.  She has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 2002. 

Anna is the director of Shakti Yoga & living arts (since June 2005, formerly the Yoga Room in Millburn from 2001).


Anna offers the following: Private Yoga LessonsTherapeutic Integrated Massage, Myofacial Release MassageThai MassageThai Abdominal Massage, Raindrop TechniqueAyurveda Consultations and BEMER Sessions.

Anna can be reached at (973) 727-9910 or

Testimonials for Anna's Massage:

"Hi Anna, just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous massage last week and all the helpful tips relating to my specific problem areas... I really feel that it was my best massage experience ever... " ~ Joann F. 7/2014

"I highly recommend Anna’s myofascial release massage to anyone who is a regular yoga practitioner, athlete, or gym rat or anyone dealing with pain or stiffness. My shoulders have always been tight and tricky from an old injury for many years. Anna’s massage opened things up and got things moving immediately. I did 3 sessions and I plan on doing more. This is not your typical massage, in fact, it’s really intense… and I feel the benefits are long lasting. Anna is absolutely wonderful and understands the body in a unique and intuitive way. Just do it. "- I. Wilbanks 11/2018


NY & NJ Licensed Massage Therapist (NY LMT), Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker (NCTMB) and Nationally Certified Reflexologist (ARCB)

Debra is a massage therapist, Qigong Meridian Therapist (QMT), and Reflexologist. Her studies and practice of Qigong began in 1995. She was certified in Reflexology in 2005 and Massage in 2007. She continually expands her knowledge of bodywork and massage and integrates this into all her sessions, especially “Qi” otherwise known as Vital Energy.

Debra also teaches Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health and The Dragon’s Way for Wellness and Weight-loss. These classes are based in prevention, building Qi and connecting to each individual’s innate ability to heal themselves. Qigong movements are the foundation of the classes. Finally, she offers Tao of Medical Qigong (Energy Healing), which is used for deep healing through the transfer of “Vital Energy” or “Qi” from the therapist.

Debra is Board Certified in Reflexology through the ARCB which requires 200 hours of training. With over 500 hours of training, she continues her studies and also teaches Reflexology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC and locally in Maplewood for Certification.

Debra offers the following: Therapeutic Integrated Massage, Shiatsu which is a blend of TCM, Qigong and Thai Massage techniques, Round Belly Massage (pre-peri and post natal as well as fertility focused Reflexology and Thai Abdominal massage), QiGong Meridian Therapy, Reflexology and Tao of Medical Qigong.

Debra can be reached at (917) 353-7363 or  Visit her website to shedule online.

Testimonials for Debra's Massage:

"I've worked with Debra before, but my massage last night was terrific, providing dramatic and prolonged relief from a severe muscle spasm. Debra is incredibly talented and a wonderful, intuitive healer."   ~ Alisa 7/2014

"5 stars for both Anna’s and Deb’s massage therapy at Shakti! They both combine their unique set of skills and knowledge into a customized treatment that energizes, relaxes, and heals. The QMT Deb gave me was so calming; its effects of feeling more grounded and aware lasted for days. Anna gave me a stimulating massage to loosen and re-align tight muscles and joints. With what Deb and Anna have helped me to realize about my body and its habits, I have a better understanding of my current state of health. In fact, I took what I had learned to my chiropractor and asked him specific questions and raised new issues. His treatments are now more targeted and effective—all thanks to Anna and Deb."  ~ SP 8/2014



NJ Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Natural Healer, Reiki Master and Healing Touch Energy Therapy Practitioner

Chris is a New Jersey Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Natural Healer. She was drawn to massage therapy and energy work when she was looking for relief from a neck injury after leaving the corporate world. She completed her massage therapy training at Brookdale Community College’s School of Therapeutic Massage & Holistic Health and her energy therapy training at the Omega Institute, Healing Touch International, and the Healing Touch Program. She has been practicing Energy Therapy for over 11 years. She is a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, a yoga instructor, and hospice volunteer.

Chris offers a complimentary, integrative therapeutic approach to health and wellness using the mind and body healing modalities of Massage Therapy, Healing Touch and Reiki to help her clients with conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, stress and tension, anxiety, energetic trauma, life transition, and personal direction. She is a mother of three beautiful children and has been a local resident for over 27 years. 

Chris can be reached at 973-444-4091 or  Please visit her website for more information.

Testimonial for Chris's Energy Work:

"Chris's work is deep, generous, subtle, intuitive and compassionate. I was moved physically, emotionally and spriitually to a clearer and more authentic place in myself, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Chris." Anna W. 9/2018

"My sessions with Chris really helped with my meditation practice. During my sessions with Chris I experienced a deep inner stillness that I never experienced in my meditation. she helped me tap into that peaceful place where I felt calm and connected to myself."  Tamara T. 9/2018

“Chris has been sharing her Healing Touch gifts with those people receiving cancer treatment at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center for the past year.  She has such a lovely way of making everyone who walks into the sanctuary for a session feel welcomed, supported, seen and loved. It just emanates from her.  When you are in her presence you feel held and holy. On the table, her ability to listen to her intuitive sense is strong and often guides her sessions leaving one with a deep healing experience.  She is a gifted healer!” ---Jean Marie Rosone, Coordinator of Oncology Integrative Medicine-Atlantic Health


Certified Crystal Practitioner, Certified Sound Healer Owner, Crystalgia LLC

Deborah has an eclectic background. Her journey towards ownership of Crystalgia, a wellness company specializing in vibrational, energetic healing using crystals and sound, started in the 80’s while a student at Smith College in the Pioneer Valley of MA. Though born and raised in NYC, Deborah felt at home in the idyllic setting of Northampton where she learned to nurture her Feminine by exploring Tarot Cards and Astrology as a hobby which complemented pursuing her BA in Sociology. Her interest in alternative philosophies continued into graduate school, albeit on a personal level, to include studies in I Ching, Feng Shui, Runes and Crystals. (These interests were to be the foundation upon which the idea of Crystalgia was conceived).

Deborah’s working career began in advertising at a graphic design firm in NYC where she was a Media Buyer. After her daughter was born in 1994, she moved to NJ where she did a short stint at the YMCA and then moved onto work for Lucent Technologies and then PriceWaterhouseCoopers where she developed her expertise as an expatriate tax consultant in the global arena.

Post retirement, in 2018 Deborah refocused on her philosophical interests and began studies with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy to become a Certified Crystal Practitioner. She also became a Certified Sound Healer under the tutelage of Vicki Gould’s school of Life Changing Energy to enhance and build upon her crystal healing skills. Crystalgia LLC was founded in early 2023.

Deborah offers the following: Crystal Healing

Deborah can be reached at ‭(201) 400-8733‬ or
Instagram: @crystalgia_by_deborah



Cerrtified Sound Healing Practitioner with Master Teacher Suren Shrestha. 

Kati has the folllowing advanced yoga certifications; Yoga for Cancer survivors with Cyndi Lee at Om Center, Yoga for Scoliosis and back care with Elise Browning-Miller, and Restorative Yoga Principles with Roger Cole.

In 2009 Kati received certification in Vibrational Sound Healing with Singing Bowls  with Suren Shrestha. This healing practice established in the Himalayas is performed by local shamans in Nepal, Tibet and parts of India.

In 2015 Kati received a certification in Ayurveda Wellness Education with Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America. In 2016 she recieved a certification in Healing Touch (endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Association) with Maggi Hutchinson.  

Kati has brought her healing abilities to many in the New York Metro area, such as Atlantic Health Integrative Medicine, Carole G. Simon Center for Cancer Care, The Cancer Support Center of Central New Jersey, Summit and Chatham Senior Centers, The Rubin Museum, as well as many private clients.

Kati enjoys deepening her knowledge of the healing arts and guiding people to discover their own innate healing skills.

Kati can be reached at (862) 206-9034 or
Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist, Sound Healer
Being a healer is a spiritual journey for me, far beyond being a job. As humanity goes through a great shift in consciousness, I feel blessed to be a part of that reaching for a more compassionate world. I am a practitioner of Chinese medicine and treat through a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, essential oils and sound therapy. I work to not only resolve any imbalance in the body, but to help you understand the download that hides behind the dis-ease. From the perspective of this tradition, any physical or emotional suffering we experience is always directly linked to our relationship to change, and the natural world, whose movements reveal the way to our own liberation. I believe that all pain is a calling to return home, to be present for what the movement of life itself wishes to awaken within us.

I received my training at the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, where I completed my Master in Acupuncture degree, and additionally completed my certification in Chinese herbology. After receiving my degree, I felt, and still feel, called to go ever deeper with my studies. I have specialized in psycho-spiritual healing, focusing primarily on the treatment of trauma because of its inextricable connection to the ascension process. I mainly offer esoteric and 5 element style acupuncture, consciously working with the etheric and astral bodies.

My knowledge comes not only from my own studies, experience and mentorship, but also from the world of plant medicine and shamanic healing. I currently continue my training in sound therapy with the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine in New Mexico. This medicine involves the use of planetary frequencies and archetypal psychology to illuminate imprisoning thought patterns, open the heart, and remind us of the truth of who we are as creators…and the created, within the divine dream of life.

It would be an honor to work in spirit with you as your healer, to be a gentle guide, and loving ear as you navigate the ups and downs of life.

Natalie offers the following: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Esoteric Acupuncture, and Sound Healing wtih Tuning Forks

Natalie can be reached at (201) 677-2493 or Please visit for more information.


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