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Acupuncture involves the insertion of ultra thin needles at intuitively chosen points throughout the body along the meridian pathways. Through the stimulation of these points, acupuncture can treat a variety of physical, spiritual and emotional conditions by restoring normal function and balance to the various body systems (both physical and energetic). Treatments are based on Chinese medicine theory, diagnosis, and practice - a system of medicine that has been developed and practiced for over 4,000 years and has its roots in shamanism. 

Your treatment will be tailored to your specific pattern and will include additional modalities such as fire cupping, moxibustion or essential oils over specific points when appropriate.

Initial Session: $150
Follow-ups: $125
To Schedule: contact Natalie Ponce


Literally, the “Science of Longevity”, this system of healing is thought to be the oldest on the planet. Based on the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air & ether) and how they interact in our bodies and with the environment; diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations are given to balance them.

Rates:  $105 for the initial consult
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler



BEMER stands for Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation. BEMER is a breakthrough medical technology that is developed, owned and distributed by a 20-year-old European company. BEMER has 6 international patents, is German designed and Swiss made, listed in 50 medical publications, used in over 4,000 clinics and hospitals and has over a million users worldwide (in 40+ countries), including many top athletes (Michael Phelps). BEMER has a signed agreement with NASA to utilize the technology.

BEMER is registered with the FDA as a class 1 medical device and is proven to enhance: 

General blood flow
The body's nutrient and oxygen supply
Cellular waste disposal 
Cardiac function 
Physical fitness, strength and energy
Concentration and mental acuity
Stress reduction and relaxation
Sleep management

The future of health and wellness is Energy Medicine. You’ve heard of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and possibly even cosmeceuticals. BEMER is the global leader in a whole new industry referred to as Electroceuticals! It is a new, yet proven approach to optimum health and longevity using unique frequencies to enhance performance at a cellular level. It's Vibrational Healing for the 21st Century.

This 2 minute video shows what happens in your capillaries, before and after use of BEMER.
by Dr. Rainer Klopp, head of Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin

This 5 minute video explains how the Bemer works.

This 45 minute video explains in more detail the efficacy of the BEMER system.

Rates:  $25 for an 8-20 minute session
To Schedule: contact Anna WinklerIndependent BEMER Distributor www.NRG4LIFE.bemergroup.com



One of the deepest aspects of Chinese medicine is its acknowledgement of our connection to the natural world as human beings. Plants have their own consciousness and wisdom, and are an indispensable healing tool for any holistic medicine practitioner.  Based on a your unique symptoms and presentation, a combination of herbs will be selected to treat your symptoms as well as the root of your imbalance, help bring your body back into balance and harmony with the cycles of life, and prevent the worsening of any condition. Herbal formulas are most commonly administered in pills, powders, tinctures, or as dried herbs that are prepared as boiled tea called a decoction. These sessions have the option of being offered virtually.  

Initial Session: $125 + cost of herbs
Follow-ups for modifications: $75 + cost of herbs
To Schedule: contact Natalie Ponce



Crystal Healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational system of energy healing that can be used on or away from the body. Although non-medical, it is an excellent way to obtain relief from physical ailments such as headaches, digestive issues and arthritic pain; emotional issues such as grief, stress and self-esteem; and mental health issues such as clarity and focus. Sound Healing retunes our bodies to a higher vibrational frequency, stimulating alpha and theta brain waves associated with meditative states of stillness. When paired together, sound healing and crystal healing can support a synergistic journey towards total wellness.

Rates: Crystalgia’s Wellness Menu
To Schedule: contact Deborah DeGazon





Esoteric Acupuncture is based on the encoding needling patterns designed by Dr Mikio Sankey. They both expand consciousness and balance the chakras, thus enhancing the higher spiritual heart. By needling the classic acupuncture points in a specific sequence, the body’s energy field is altered. 

Needling these specific patterns allow the client to access higher planes of consciousness more easily. The sequences can be considered to be Kabbalistic patterns, and sacred geometry, but they also integrate with Traditional Chinese acupuncture and the Ayurvedic Marmas and Nadi.

In a modern context, they connect with quantum medicine and superstring physics and the energy field. Esoteric Acupuncture therefore appeals to seekers from many different paths as a concept of aligning with the Higher Consciousness and spiritual heart.

As Esoteric Acupuncture is working with the heart energy to encourage spiritual evolution, many people sense the spinning of energy at the points needled, and perceive the building of a geometric structure (often tetrahedrons) within and without. These treatments are meant to open one up to their soul's purpose, and to witness the truth of who and what they are.

Initial Session: $150
Follow Ups: $125
To Schedule: contact Natalie Ponce



A non-invasive, clinical, and evidence-based heart centered holistic energy medicine therapy (founded by Holistic Nurse, Janet Mentgen) that promotes healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level by activating and balancing the individual energy biofield to: restore energy and vitality; reduce pain and side effects from medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy; accelerate healing through pre and post surgery support; facilitate energetic trauma release, and life transition; increase mental clarity; relieve stress and anxiety; promote deep relaxation and better sleep quality;deepens spiritual connection; and supports Palliative Care.

This therapeutic modality is administered fully clothed with either gentle still touch or off the body (near body, but no direct contact) touch in a compassionate and intentional way to facilitate the recipient’s Self-Healing.

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/60 minute sessions $270 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Chris Beljour



The Hawaiian Massage, Mana Lomi® is based on Hawaiian concepts of working with the "mana" of the body, mind, and soul of an individual. According to Hawaiian Elders, Mana Lomi is “Life-force of Lomi.” Lomi or Lomilomi describes a concept that involves the movement of energy. It is at the bone level that all memory is stored from past traumas, injuries or emotional reactions. Tapping into the bones allows the Mana Lomi practitioner to communicate on a soul level so healing can take place.

Rates: 60 minutes $105 ~ 75 minutes $125 ~ 90 minutes $145 (plus tax)
To Schedule:  contact Debra Bernath



Myofascial tissue is continuous and omnipresent in the body. It interweaves and wraps muscles, and every division of tissue within the muscle. By weight, 40% of a muscle is fascial tissue. Where there is chronic or acute pain, limited or difficult range of motion, ongoing stress and tension, there is almost always myofascial tissue which needs to be released and relaxed. The techniques are derived from Hellerwork, which is a gentler derivative of Rolfing.

This is deep work, with sensation. The immediate result is more freedom of movement.

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
Packages: 3/60 minute sessions $270 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)

To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler


A great way to start a yoga practice, deepen your current practice or take it to the next level. Private Yoga Lessons allow for in-depth individual instruction catered to your specific needs and schedule. We offer general yoga sessions, pre and postnatal sessions, Iyengar yoga sessions, gentle yoga and meditation.

Rates: $95/hour, $270 package of 3, $510 package of 6

General: contact Anna Winkler
Pre/Postnatal: contact Ires Wilbanks


Otherwise known as “QMT.” A practitioner of QMT, uses special hand techniques, deep or light, opening blockages and stimulating “Qi” along the meridians or energy pathways. Clients should wear loose comfortable clothing for their session. A QMT increases Qi, or vital energy, and stimulates internal healing and can increase the healing benefit when used with other therapies, such as acupuncture. It is a wonderful maintenance therapy and can be combined with reflexology for an added benefit. Half the meridians begin and end in the feet, hands and face.

Rates: 30 minutes $60 ~ 60 minutes $100 ~ 90 minutes $140 (plus tax)
To Schedule:  contact Debra Bernath


Raindrop Technique is the application of essential oils (therapeutic grade) along the spine, neck and feet. It’s great for an immune system boost because of antiviral and antibacterial properties of many essential oils. This technique is excellent for spinal alignments and emotional balancing. The olfactory system has a direct path to the brain. 90 minute sessions have a full Reflexology session included when scheduled with Debra. More Thai Massage and Traeger techniques inlcuded when scheduling with Anna.

Rates: 60 minutes $105, 90 minutes $145 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler or Debra Bernath


Reflexology is a natural therapy using special hand and finger techniques applied to reflex areas found on the hands, feet, face and ears. The Reflexology Association of America’s definition of reflexology:

“Reflexology, an integrative health practice, maps a reflection of the body predominately on the feet, hands and outer ears. It uses unique manual techniques to deliver pressure to neural pathways assisting the body to function optimally. The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public at large as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field.”  

This work results in deep relaxation, stress reduction, immune system boost and a return to homeostasis. You can have the feet, hand, face and ears, either alone or in combination of the above.

Rates: 30 minutes $60 ~ 60 minutes $100 ~ 90 minutes $140 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath


for the Perinatal Period

This encompasses prenatal, perinatal and postnatal massage. There are many benefits to Round-Belly Massage: reduction of muscular pain, cramping and releasing trigger points, especially in the hip and sacroiliac joints, common areas of complaint. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, which is key to a healthy pregnancy. Round-Belly Massage increases circulation and helps reduce excess fluid; improves posture, body awareness and sleep; and allows for a deeper mother/baby connection.

Sessions are given on side-lying cushions designed for a comfortable position,  which is ideal for the pregnant body. (Early pregnancy sessions can be facedown on supportive cushions.) Late in the pregnancy, semi-reclining sessions are offered with Reflexology and acupressure focused sessions, with added attention to neck, low back, feet and hands.

Rates: 60 mins $110 ~ 75 mins $130 ~ 90 mins $150 (plus tax, no tax with Dr’s. note)
More Information: see Debra's Website
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler or Debra Bernath or Schedule with Debra Online



Shiatsu originated from Japan and has is roots in Folk and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Energy (Ki or Qi) reading of the client's hara, located in the abdomen, is assessed to define the session's approach. It consists of gentle stretching and rhythmic compression by hands, arms and knees applied to the meridians (energy lines) of deficiency and excess. Rebalances the flow of energy in the body. The session is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath



"Water unlocks her electric hands, to see the fury of the moon. A fury that reaches beyond death into a gentle blueness where everything spins deep inside itself. On that axis, sound is born. Our opposition is powerless. It can hold nothing in place." - Donna Carey, "Axis"

Tuning fork therapy is a powerful, yet gentle healing modality that introduces frequencies to the body through various acupuncture points. I utilize the frequencies of the moon, sun, earth and primordial ohm to bring your body back into alignment. Often sound healing can induce a trance-like or altered state of consciousness that allows you to get out of your own way and receive deep healing. I work not only with the 12 regular meridians, but also with the deeper energetic systems of the body that reflect divine destiny, and the unfolding of your soul's blueprint in this incarnation. As human beings, we respond to sound on a primal level, and these powerful frequencies not only release stuck energy in the body that need to be brought to the light of consciousness, but also remind us of who we are as divine beings having a sacred, earthly existence.

Sound Healing Session - $150 for 1hr; $80 for 30 mins
Acupuncture + Sound Healing Session - $225
To Schedule: contact Natalie Ponce



An integration of foot reflexology with anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology by using local and reflex methods to release stress and compensation in the entire body. A session addresses tension sites on the feet as the product of local muscle and ligament strain, while maintaining an understanding of how these sites of tension on the feet will impact the rest of the body. These techniques help to restore comfort and function, which allows the bones of the foot to find their normal alignment. Once the foot muscles are able to maneuver the foot more easily, and recover the job of moving and balancing the body, compensation in the rest of the body is relieved. Excellent for foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and more. First session is 2 hours, follow-up sessions are 60 min.

Rates: Initial Session is 120 minutes $220 (plus tax), Follow up sessions are 60 min $110 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath



Tao of Medical Qigong works with your “LifeForce.” The recipient is willing and ready for a personalized healing journey. Qi, or lifeforce, is channeled by the practitioner through their hands to areas of stagnation and deficiency. A light touch may be applied and Qigong movements or postures may be given. The recipient can have a variety of responses, from tingling to warmth to seemingly nothing at all, but the bottom line is the underlying healing messages. It promotes deep and lasting physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. Can be an additional support to your healing journey. Please book at least 1 week in advance.

Rates: 30 minutes $60 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath



A melding of Chi Nei Tsang or Taoist/Chinese abdominal massage and Thai soft abdomen massage, these techniques work to help your body heal abdominal issues. There is much confusion about food and health. We have many digestive and emotional issues surrounding and trapped in the soft abdomen, inhibiting correct function. In Thai massage we approach the body not as a machine, but as an organic structure with an energy system and an emotional system that can both change the structure and physiology of the physical organism. The focus of the massage is on detoxifying and assisting the very important digestive process. If we cannot digest effectively we will have no energy, if we cannot de-toxify we will feel irritable and uncomfortable. 

We start with the top layer of the body, the skin, to detoxify it. We work into the facial layer, unblocking adhesions, facial chains and releasing scars. We work on the main muscles of the abdomen to relax them. We work on the digestive system from stomach to rectum, shifting blockages. Finally, we work the sen lines (meridians) of the abdomen (Sea of Qi), as this stimulates the body's natural desire for optimal health.

This is deep work, with sensation. Multiple sessions are recommended. 

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/60 minute sessions $270 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $390 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler


The art of Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient and sacred system of healing with roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. Combining rhythmic compression, gentle rocking, acupressure on Sen Lines (energy pathways) and assisted yoga like stretching, it creates a powerful release of stress and tension, an increase in vitality and well being, and stimulates the flow of healing energies within the body.

The session is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Rates: 90 minutes $135 (plus tax) ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler


There are many benefits of a Therapeutic Integrated Massage: relaxation, pain relief, and an energy boost. A combination of Western massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, as well as Eastern techniques such as Qigong Meridian Therapy, acupressure, Reflexology and Thai Massage . Essential oils may be used. 

30 min $65* (for specific need, not full-body)
60 min $105
75 min $125
90 min $145

Rates:  30 min $65 (for spefic need, not full-body) ~  60 min $105 ~ 75 min $125 ~ 90 min $145 (plus tax)
Packages Avaliable
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler, Debra Bernath or Chris Beljour



Vibrational Healing with Singing Bowls is an ancient modality from the Himalayan areas of Nepal, India, and Tibet. A private meditation will last approximately one hour. The recipient will be prepared on a yoga mat or blanket. Incense, candles, or oils may be used during the session. The recipient will be surrounded with the bowls while ancient protocols are gently followed. Soothing vibrations will wash over and through the recipient during the hour. Bowls are placed on the body to deepen the process, all with the intention of achieving a deeply relaxed state of body and mind. Pure Bliss...

Kati is also available for semi-private groups of up to 6 people in the studio, masks on. Contact Kati for more information.

Rate: 60 minutes $125 
To Schedule: contact Kati Walker


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