Class Styles


Hatha is a classical form of practice where there is longer holding of yoga poses. Classes will include warm up exercises, sun salutations (a graceful series of poses performed as one fluid movement, coordinated with the breath), and postures to encourage flexibility, strength and balance, as well as relaxation. There will be a strong focus on alignment inspired by teachings from Iyengar Yoga.

You will explore basic poses more deeply, as well as practice intermediate and advanced poses. By repeating poses and staying in them longer, you have time to discover a deeper level of understanding of both basic and more refined levels of alignment: inner and outer, shape and direction, form and function. Being still in a pose will become effortless and joyful.

Beginner to advanced, moderate to vigorous intensity.



This method of classical yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive sequence of postures (Vinyasa or Flow) - a process producing internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. 

Starting with Sun Salutations, the sequence moves into standing poses, which constitute the warm-up part of the practice. The Primary Series consists of seated forward bending poses, twists and a few backbends at the end. The sequence then moves to the cool down poses, consisting of inversions, cross-legged sitting poses and pranayama. Postures are held for 5 breaths and there is no rest in-between poses. It is a moving meditatation coordinating breath with movement and meditating on breath in poses. 

This practice is a moving meditation, coordinating breath with movement, and meditating on the breath while holding the poses. A vigorous practice, it may require a certain amount of physical fitness and caution. Be prepared to sweat. 


BEGINNER YOGA (or Begin Again)


Learn the fundamentals of basic yoga poses to start a new yoga practice or strengthen an existing practice.

The classes focus on good alignment and muscle engagement to get strong and flexible and to get the most out of your practice safely.

Beginner or Beginning Again, gentle to moderate intensity.

In this class we focus on the physical body, learning to connect it with the mind and breath to move inward. We work with the shape, direction and actions in the forms to create connection and balance between the parts, fostering a sense of overall well being and clarity in the present moment. 
Aimee has been a student and teacher of yoga for many years. She is presently immersed in the Iyengar yoga method and this comes through in her teaching.
For Beginners with a focus on Alignment and Precision. Gentle to moderate intensity.



Connecting to what we sense and feel in our body often gets lost as a result of chronic pain, physical or emotional trauma and stress throughout our life. Regaining control of movement, finding freedom and ease in the body deepens our feeling sense and self-awareness.  

Somatic Education, a neuroscience based movement practice, brings unconscious muscle contraction to the conscious level.

Learn simple, easy movements that teach you to trust what you feel, regain control and move with more freedom. It can be profoundly effective in supporting your yoga practice by freeing you from patterns that hold you in tension and away from a deeper practice.

This gentle but powerful work is open to all levels of practice.



This gentle class introduces the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work in a flow of postures linked together by the breath.  

Students will be invited into yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration.  Emphasis is placed on student safety and stability within each pose. 

Hatha Yoga is a classical form of practice where there is longer holding of poses than in a vinyasa style. This gives time for students to learn and understand how to get into and out of poses safely and hold them more comfortably, with stability.
Students are encouraged to practice at their own level of strength, flexibility and endurance. Classes can be geared towards beginners to advanced students.

This class is perfect for Seniors, health-challenged or anyone looking for a gentle class. Please have a chair to sit on and also use for support if you stand. Make sure you can see the ZOOM projection and preferably that I can see you. I will do my best to watch you, but it is not easy to do on ZOOM. Always, always take good care of yourself and listen to your body. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable or challenged, stop or do what you are able to do. Comfortable clothing is all that is needed with or without shoes.
Class includes both Qigong and Yoga: Breathing exercises both gentle and active to induce relaxation and release anxiety, frustration and built up energy, gentle warmup movements, self-massage with tapping and acupressure, balancing poses (in chair or off), final relaxation and meditation. Healing music and poetry.
Beginners. Gentle.


This classical form of Hatha Yoga integrates the various components of traditional yoga - Asanas: physical postures and stretching;  Pranayama: breathing techniques; Yoga Nidra: deep relaxation;  and Dhyana: meditation. During the class, each student is encouraged to practice at his/her own level of strength, flexibility and endurance. This style of Yoga was developed by Swami Satchidananda of the Yogaville Ashram in Buckingham, VA and Integral Yoga Institute in NYC.

Beginner to intermediate levels, intensity varies from gentle to moderate.



Iyengar Yoga emphasizes precise body alignment and follows a safe, systematic progression of learning. Developed by yoga master Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar, it is suitable for every age, body type, and fitness level.  Iyengar Certified Instructors are rigorously trained, demonstrate poses clearly, and give detailed instructions.

Poses are held longer and done one at a time to deepen the students’ experience and intelligence. Individual corrections and adjustments are made as needed, often by the use of props. Iyengar Yoga is a complete approach to life, intended to create and maintain physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being.

Suitable for all levels, moderate intensity.



Kundalini Yoga is a great way to recharge your body. It stimulates the nervous and immune systems, improves strength and flexibility, centers the mind and opens the spirit. Kundalini Yoga develops your relationship with your mental potential. You learn to use the neutral, intuitive, comprehensive mind. From your very first class you'll start reaping the rewards, which include relief from back pain, stress, addiction, depression, insomnia, and weight control. Plus, Kundalini Yoga can help keep you stay young. Everyone can do it!!!
Sometimes called the yoga of awareness, Kundalini Yoga combines all of the traditional tools of mantra, breath, and meditation in a unified conversation with the body, using the yogi’s inherent wisdom and personal comfort level to achieve healing. Taught in the form of Kriyas (sets of exercises that target the needs of the body, mind, and soul...there are thousands!), yogis use individual awarenesses and comfort levels to [process], release, heal, and expand through exercise while always meditating and breathing...a practice that follows from the mat to the world.
All levels are welcome. Intensity level is moderate to vigorous.




This class is for beginner to intermediate students who have better balance and able and willing to do yoga postures, sun salutations and Qigong balances and movements. Make sure you can see the ZOOM projection clearly and preferably that I can see you. Always, always take care of yourself. It is a challenge for me to see you fully on ZOOM. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable or challenged, stop or do what you are able to do. Listen to your body. Please be in comfortable stretchy attire, have a yoga mat, blocks, blankets and or pillows, a chair may be useful.
Class includes both Qigong and Yoga: Breathing exercises both gentle and active to induce relaxation and release anxiety, frustration and built up energy, gentle warmup movements, self-massage with tapping and acupressure, balancing poses, sun salutations, yoga postures, Qigong movements and postures, final relaxation and meditation. Healing music and poetry.

All Levels are welcome. Moderate to vigorous intenstity.



This Meditation and Sound Healing is led by Tory Trujillo, Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Worker and Professional Vocalist.  Energize and infuse a personal intention for healing and manifestation or just relax and tune up your energy body.

Participants will receive a singing bowl vibrational sound healing meditation along with improvised vocal toning.



Reiki circles in 2021 will focus on individual and collective needs of the participants. We connect into the group with the knowing that together we are stronger than alone.

Our gatherings tend to bring focus to that which is important and perhaps forgotten in one’s now moment. The guided meditation at the beginning addresses the energetics of each intention present, and because of that no two circles are alike. The meditations prepare our fields to be relaxed and receptive. Reiki healing is given for the second portion of the circle.

All are welcome, complete beginners and Reiki practitioners alike. Drop-in or use your class card. Classes are held one Thursday a month.



In this class we will create an environment which is optimal for relaxation. Hence, we will learn to use props to support or body so it can completely let go and relax, the breath can settle and the mind can quiet down. The supported poses are held for a long time allowing our parasympathetic nervous system that provides “rest & digest” to become dominant. At the same time our body enjoys physical benefits, such as openings of the chest and pelvic area promoting better flow of our breath. We will further explore breath awareness to help the mind tune in and become aware of our inner space and as we progress and become more familiar with these exercises and our body, we can include some pranayama techniques.

This is an excellent class if you feel stressed, fatigued or perhaps mentally a little down due to Covid-19 that has affected our lives in so many unforeseen ways.


SLOW FLOW VINYASA (Breath Centered)

This class will slow down the more vigorous pace of a traditional vinyasa class. Suitable for all levels, we warm up the body to slowly increase flexibility and strength, transitioning from asana to asana with ease and grace. Some restoratiave poses may be practiced as well.

The breath is the focus of the practice. Emphasis is placed on synchronizing breath with movement, with the breath pacing the movement and setting its tempo. 

All levels welcome. Intensity level is moderate to vigorous. Each student is encouraged to practice at their own level of strength, flexibility and endurance. Yogis can embrace modifications for poses, as well as explore advanced options as needed.



A one-hour early morning yoga practice designed for yogins of all levels who want to get their yoga on, but have busy days ahead of them.  Typically, the Sunrise Yoga practice starts with a few moments of seated breath work, followed by sun salutations to warm up the body and an ever-changing sequence of postures including standing poses, hip openers, shoulder openers, inversions, twists, forwardbends, and/or backbends.

You will leave Sunrise Yoga feeling relaxed yet energized and ready to start your busy day with a clear and quiet mind and a spring in your step, ready to face the challenges of the day with a positive outlook that will improve your productivity, efficiency and concentration.   

All levels are welcome. Intensity level is moderate to vigorous.



Class begins with 30 minutes of Qigong warm-ups, followed by the 24 Movement Yang Form and then the 40 Movement Yang Form. We're currently learning a new Sword Form, after that.

Students of all levels are welcome to join, but we do recommend coming to at least 3 consecutive classes in order to gain a basic understanding of the practice. 
If you decide you want to continue, one of the teachers will give you more personal guidance to bring you up to speed with the rest of the group.

VINYASA FLOW (Breath Centered & Alignment Based)

Vinyasa Flow is a fluid yoga practice based on the Ashtanga system of yoga, focusing on the integration of body movements with the breath in a continuous flow. Moving with the breath and mindful awareness through sun salutations and basic or more advanced postures, vinyasa is a dynamic practice emphasizing strength, flexibility and alignment.

Like a moving meditation, this class will help quiet the mind and leave you feeling calm, balanced and rejuvenated.

All levels are welcome. Intensity level is moderate to vigorous.



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